Criminal Justice and Its Role in the Enforcement of Financial Laws
Yaqeen journal for legal studies
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Criminal Justice
Financial Laws


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احمد خلف حسين الدخيل. (2022). Criminal Justice and Its Role in the Enforcement of Financial Laws. Yaqeen Journal for Legal Studies, 1(1).


This research sheds light on an important form of functional justice, which is retributive justice, including from an objective and a procedural aspect, and what permeates the material and moral dimensions at the same time as it represents Adopting a policy of criminalization and re-punishment for him From the perspective of the addressees of the law is reinforced with procedures Compelling necessity proverbs for her as well as the factors affecting its perception of swell for policies incrimination and extent necessity the penalty and extent Compatibility between systems punitive and between Standards Mental and social and overlap with Species Justice other, not to mention mechanics lawsuit penal and speed Measures and ease and extent availability Justice Reform, and the positive or negative consequences of its absence in relation to the enforcement of financial laws, which imposes on the legislator keenness to realize them by all means, including streamlining the policies of criminalization and punishment, and facilitating and accelerating court procedures through the establishment of a specialized financial judiciary.

Keywords:- Criminal justice, financial laws, enforcement, criminal proceedings, criminalization policy
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