protection water As a part of The Natural Environment
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The right to water
Water Infrastructure
Civilian Object
The natural environment
Armed conflict


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البصيصي أ. ج. ا. (2022). protection water As a part of The Natural Environment. Yaqeen Journal for Legal Studies, 1(1).



 It may appear somewhat unusual to discuss the right to water in times of armed conflict, especially since international rules pertaining to such conflicts are aimed at protecting special categories of persons and property and do not provide a unique system for the protection of water facilities. However, there are those that believe that water and the environment are inseparable . International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and International Human Rights Law support the right to water and the right to the environment. The protection of one is actually the protection of another, and a threat to another is also a threat to the other. However, IHL has not totally overlooked water protection, either explicitly or implicitly. IHL has linked the protection of water to the protection of civilian objects and the protection of the natural environment. The immediate and long-term effects of contemporary armed conflicts exceed their military objectives, especially when using modern weapons, which exceed the legitimate objectives to threaten vital environmental resources, including water.                                                                                            

 Keywords: The right to water, Water Infrastructure, Civilian Objects, The natural environment, Armed conflict
PDF (العربية)

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